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"SKICORE" 's Making Ski Wear Fashionable?

Updated: Mar 20

Another skiing season is in full swing, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate hitting the slopes once again. In snow-covered fields, skiers eagerly converge upon the "splitboard," ready to carve their way down the slopes in exhilarating runs. However, the excitement of skiing isn't confined to the mountains alone. Beyond the boundaries of the snow fields, a different kind of fervor ignites—a fashion battle centered around skiing quietly commences.

No. 01

What Is Skicore

"Skicore" is more than just a trend—it's a lifestyle that seamlessly merges skiwear with everyday fashion. Imagine hitting the streets in grandiose ski goggles, heavy snow boots, and vibrant one-piece ski suits that were once reserved for the slopes. These pieces may seem unconventional for daily wear, but with a touch of fashion-forward flair, they become the ultimate statement pieces that break free from the norm.


Image: Lange Girl Poster


No. 02

A Fashion Space in Aspen

Aspen is undoubtedly Colorado's trendiest ski town, home to some of the most beautiful mountain terrain in the world, but this funky village has not only topped the list of the most expensive ski resorts in 2023, it has also gone beyond being a fashion ski town. Every year between December and April, celebrities from all over the world will flock to Aspen.

A number of luxury brands have set up stores on  Aspen town's main street, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Chrome Hearts. Not to mention brands that specialize in winter gear, including Moncler and Canada Goose. Luxury stores are all over the world, however, celebrity couples like A$AP Rocky & Rihanna, Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox, and Justin & Hailey Bieber often patronize stores in Aspen.

So why Aspen?

Mega/Gc Images/Getty Images

One of Aspen's unique features is the "public convenience space" required by the town's shops, a concept developed by Jenny Stuber, an Aspen resident and author of Aspen and the American Dream: The author of How to Run an Unequal Town in an Age of Super-Gentrification, she elaborated on the concept in a recent interview with Next City: "You can open your Gucci store on the ground floor, but you also need space outside the building for locals and visitors to rest and gather, which is called a 'public convenience space,'" Stuber explains.

Image by Loro Piana



Ski Wears from Fashion Brands

As one of the few outdoor activities during the winter months, the resurgence of skiing naturally draws the interest of major luxury brands. Since late 2023, some brands have gone beyond just adding snow elements to their designs. They've started making professional ski equipment, putting their own unique touch on it. This has brought a fresh fashion vibe to the current ski season.

As a leading name in "Quiet Luxury" style, Loro Piana's refined style has deep ties to skiing's elite origins. Partnering with luxury e-commerce platform Mr Porter, they've introduced a new ski collection that blends elegance with functionality. Beyond professional ski gear, the collection also includes everyday clothing accessories.

Photo: Courtesy of Mr Porter/Loro Piana

In Moon Boots’ 2023 autumn and winter series, they boldly integrate skiing gear into everyday fashion. Their advertising campaign breaks new ground by featuring city dwellers flaunting snow equipment and goggles on urban streets. This mix-and match creates a striking tension that excites fashion lovers.

Photo: Instagram @dualipa

In Balmain's latest ski capsule collection, in addition to bringing the brand's iconic Mini-Monogram, there is also a partnership with ski equipment brand Bomber to launch a limited number of professional ski pairs.


Photo by Balmain X Bomber - Balmain


How to Dress After Ski

"After Ski" is an essential part of the sport, offering opportunities to socialize and take stylish photos with friends. Sporting fashionable ski gear boosts your confidence for these post-skiing gatherings.


Photo: instagram @___supernovaa

Plush coats are the notes of style and warmth, with their fluffy silhouette adding both fashion and function to winter wardrobes.

Photo: Instagram @kendalljenner

German blogger Leonie Hanne's Skicore style showcases a variety of plush fashion pieces, effortlessly blending comfort and style for visually appealing and cozy looks.

Photo: Instagram @leoniehanne


The Fair Isle sweater, originating from Scotland, is perfect for snowy weather with its charming snowflake design and vibrant colors, adding brightness to any outfit.



 Photography by Chloe Horseman for WSJ. Magazine


Skiing is more than just a sport—it's a form of self-expression and style. This connection with fashion is driving a thriving market for ski equipment, with more brands entering the professional skiing scene to offer a wider range of options for enthusiasts.


Now, are you ready to enjoy the snow season?


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