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SPICY Girls Go for Red Tights?


The current mainstream dressing trend seems to be entering a game of color, from "Maillard" to "gray", people are trying to extract advanced style from slightly dull colors.

Now, "Rediant Red" is emerging as a prominent force in breaking the traditional boundaries of fashion. The esteemed trend forecasting agency WGSN has heralded this vibrant hue as the color of the year for 2024. As this dynamic shade maintains its influence over the trendiest colors from late 2023 into early 2024, its latest and somewhat surprising manifestation is in the form of Red Tights.

Nina Sandbech paired her red stockings with a shaggy white faux fur and silver accessories. Photo: Nina Sandbech (@ninasandbech)

In the words of color guru Emily McCarthy, "Red's allure is all about passion, lust, and unapologetic femininity." The fashion world is abuzz with the latest must-have accessory: Red Tights. This fiery addition to the wardrobe has quickly become a staple among style-conscious circles, igniting a trend that's spreading like wildfire across social platforms. Far more than just a pair of tights, this trend is about making a statement. Those daring to don red tights are not just wearing them-- they're weaving them into their ensembles for a bold visual punch that's impossible to ignore. It's clear that when it comes to making a style statement, red tights are the way to go, embodying strength, confidence, and a dash of daring.

According to FASHION analytics account @DATA, BUT MAKE IT FASHION, the popularity of red-hued items on social media platforms, such as Red Tights, has contributed to a nearly 300% increase in searches for "cherry red" this year.

Les collants rouges d'Elle Fanning en collants rouge. © Capture d'écran du compte Instagram @ellefanning.


Of course, as red stockings transition from a singular fashion statement to a full-blown trend, the influence of fashion icons is undeniable. The latest buzz? The renowned brand Jacquemus has officially named Jennie Kim as its brand ambassador. Furthermore, Jennie's choice of legwear in the brand's most recent holiday collection lookbook is red tights, which wonderfully captures the brand's fun spirit and resonates with the festive sentiments of the season. This move not only cements red pantyhose as the it-accessory of the moment but also showcases how seamlessly fashion can intertwine with celebration, all with a dash of Jennie's undeniable charisma.


Kendall Jenner wore a velvet red Bottega Veneta dress with Burgundy tights as she arrived for dinner in Los Angeles, California; Dua Lipa wears a pair of red  tights from Burberry on a daily basis, but the difference is that the  tights has Burberry's signature checked pattern.

ROJU / IPA-AGENCY.NET Instagram@ Dualipa

Reflecting back on the 2023 runway scene, it's clear that red tights held a pivotal spot in the collections of leading fashion houses. Miu Miu, crowned Brand of the Year by LYST, made a memorable statement in its Autumn/Winter 2023 lineup with sheer socks, artfully paired with a rich magenta cardigan and coordinating lingerie, setting a new benchmark for chic layering.

Miu Miu A/W 2023

Gucci, not to be outdone, infused its collection with a dash of daring, showcasing vibrant, sensuously red tights peeking out from beneath a low-rise skirt. This bold choice not only highlighted the brand's flair for seductive elegance but also showing the enduring appeal of red hosiery as a symbol of fashion-forward audacity.

©Getty Images


While red tights certainly capture the eye and make a statement in any outfit, which leading some to brand them as 'bold' or even 'extravagant,' but there's no denying their illustrious history in pop culture.

Dating back to the swinging '60s, Anna Karina, an icon of French New Wave cinema and a muse to many in fashion, broke new ground in women's attire with her fearless adoption of bold red tights, setting the stage for what would become a lasting trend. Fast forward to the '80s and '90s, and Princess Diana, known for her avant-garde fashion choices, was frequently seen sporting red pantyhose, both in her day-to-day life and at high-class events.

Anna Karina by Sam Levin (1960s) Princess Diana Archive/Hulton Royals Collection/Getty Images

In the 21st century, with the popularity of the American TV series Gossip Girl, the heroine Blair Waldorf's diverse dressing style leads the female fashion, and her wearing of red tights in the show has been included in the classic shape of "screen fashion" by the mainstream fashion media.

@CW Network/Courtesy Everett Collection


If the idea of fully embracing red from hip to toe feels a bit daunting, take a cue from style maven Hailey Bieber. She demonstrates that starting small can still make a big impact. By opting for red socks paired with ballet flats or sneakers, she introduces a pop of color that subtly complements the overall outfit without overwhelming it. This approach not only eases you into experimenting with bold colors but also serves as a chic, finishing touch to any look.

Instagram @haileybieber

In the U.S., red is all about love and energy, and the trend of red tights is bringing that vibe into fashion. While minimalist styles like "Quiet Luxury", "Clean Fit"and "Old Money Style" have been everywhere, they can get a bit boring. That's where red tights come in, shaking things up with a pop of color. They're a fresh twist that adds excitement to outfits, offering a new way to stand out and express positivity through fashion. Essentially, red tights are breaking the mold and becoming a fun fashion statement on their own.


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